Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Machine

16”- Bore SITE

Picture shows from behind the operator view of the bore site.  The Jet-Vac is parked on new pavement and on top of the Bore.  The total bore is just under 48 feet.  In this case the Max-BORE Power unit was up and out of the entry trench on flat ground.  This bore has enough run out area and allows machine to be operated up on flat ground during the boring process.  The Operator is in the “Pull-Back  -  Back-Ream” process to enlarge hole.


The Entry Trench need to have a long slope because they were pushing 12” PVC Water Main with 15” couplers. The Bore Rods have some flex in them to allow them to flex down into the Entry Trench and also to flex into Aim-GUIDE for proper alignment to AIM bore were operator Wanted.  The Public Works workers NEVER seen the machine before and they bored the bore in less then 3 hours and paid for the machine in the first bore they did.  A local  boring contractor quoted just at $8,000.00 for his same bore.


Max-BORE FC-900 Power Unit being used  for  16” Bore

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