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Looking away from bore entry point to end of entry trench back to where Maxi-Bore unit is being up on flat ground

From behind the operator doing a “Pull-Back” to enlarge the bore hole.  Drill Rods go down into Entry Trench

Looking from top of Entry Trench down into entry hole.  Jet-Vac was used on exit end to suck up Clay Cutting mud that was removed from bore.

The 16” Reamer was Piggy-Backed onto the smaller Reamer to keep it centered into the bore. The was the last Ream-Back  enlargement.

Entry End:  After 12” PVC Water Main was push through Bore Hole. You can see nice clean bore hole around pipe..

DONE: First Bore they made!  Duck Tape was used to block end and keep mud out of new Water Main!

4 Foot below ground, 48 foot long, 16” Diameter Bore


MODEL: FC-6000 Power Unit

CHALANGE: South Texas City needed a 12” water main installed under the new Hospital Road.  Local Boring Contractor quoted the City $8,000.00.  The Assistant Public Works Director called and challenged us to a DEMO of our Earth Boring Machine. 
If it works the City will purchase one and the local Water District would also purchase one.   The morning we showed up the no one from the Public Works had seen the Boring Machine at that time.  We were also told me Public Works Management “There employees will operate and run the machine to get training”. 
The Public works employees took turns running the Earth Boring Machine.  It took just about 3 hours for them to complete the bore and push the 12” PVC water main with 15” couplers. 

The City Management told us
“We paid for the Maxi-BORE Earth Boring Machine the fist time we used it” because of what the Contractor Boring Company Quoted.  In addition the local Water District also purchase a smaller unit to almost eliminate cutting the cities streets to install water drops.   They expected their payback in less then a few months by cost saving not cutting streets!

Maxi-BORE Road Boring Machine

Makes Money for you!   Reduces Earth Boring Costs!